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Derrière les succès du Restaurant sEb - L’Artisan Culinaire

The Chef

Sébastien Houle

For Sébastien Houle, cuisine is an international adventure. Beyond trends and “what’s new”, it’s a controlled science where creativity is drawn from experiences on every continent. If travels form youth, in sEb’s case they created a high-flying chef who brought together flavours from all latitudes. A traveller to the ends of the world, sEb lived for years as a sea wolf travelling from port to port, an exile traversing the planet, shaping his own unique culinary vision. The result is a sublime mingling of flavours from Europe, Asia, the Caribbean and Australia which marry with and recreate a very specific Québec culture that pays considerable attention to the perfection of handcrafted products. Chef sEb reflects the nature of his contemporaries: thanks to his unfailing curiosity, he obtains his inspiration from the flavours of international markets, from local producers, from the international gastronomic elite and from traditional home cooking.

A passionate

and creative crew

At sEb’s, you are embarking on a gourmet experience guided by a real crew of passionate cooks! Innovative and explorative, the team at sEb never stops pushing the boundaries of culinary creation, focusing on the freshness of local products and combining tradition with the latest techniques. The kitchen, which houses veritable scientific artists, works night and day to develop unique and inspired menus!


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